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  Record 1 of 6526
  AuthorAllen, Gerald R.
  TitleIndo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide
  PublicationSingapore: Tropical Reef Research, 1994. 378p. $42.95pa. ISBN 9810056877 pa.
  Description1,500 species of marine animals, plus 60 plants; color photos. Primarily deals with marine invertebrates and fishes, but also includes selected birds, turtles, sea snakes, and marine mammals. Covers the Red Sea, East Africa, the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives, the Andaman Sea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Okinawa, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and Hawaii.
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  Record 2 of 6526
  AuthorAlden, Peter, Richard D. Estes, Duane Schlitter, and Bunny McBride.
  TitleNational Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife
  PublicationNew York: Knopf, 1995. 988p. ISBN 067943245 (flexi).
  Description850 species covered, mostly mammals and birds with 25 species of reptiles and a few insects; color photos; maps. Includes guide to nature reserves. Also published in the UK as Collins Photo Guide: African Wildlife.
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  Record 3 of 6526
  TitleBundu Book of Birds, Insects, and Snakes
  PublicationSalisbury: Published by Longmans of Rhodesia, for the Standing Conference of National Voluntary Youth Organisations in Rhodesia, 1967. 121p. (Bundu Series, No. 2).
  Description46 species of birds and 24 species of snakes; color photos; information on snakebite. Insects are described to family; black and white illustrations and photos.
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  Record 4 of 6526
  AuthorGuy, Graham, Rex Winterton, Alan MacIsaac, P. Papadopoulo, and D. G. Broadley.
  TitleBundu Book of Mammals, Reptiles, and Bees
  PublicationSalisbury: Published by Longman Rhodesia for the Standing Conference of National Voluntary Youth Organisations in Rhodesia, 1972. 126p. (Bundu Book, No. 5).
  Description36 species of reptiles and 48 mammals; black and white illustrations and color photos; discussion of bees does not include identification.
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  Record 5 of 6526
  AuthorCarpenter, Kent E., Friedhelm Krupp, David A. Jones, and Uwe Zajonz.
  TitleLiving Marine Resources of Kuwait, Eastern Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates
  PublicationRome: FAO, 1997. 293p. (FAO Species Identification Field Guide for Fishery Purposes). ISBN 9251037418 pa.
  Description16 algae, 45 marine invertebrates, 550 fishes, 15 marine reptiles, 12 seabirds, 15 marine mammals; black and white illustrations and color photos. Descriptions include common names in Arabic and English, size, habitat, biology, and fisheries importance.
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  Record 6 of 6526
  AuthorEichler, Dieter.
  TitleTropical Marinelife: The Identification Handbook for Divers and Snorkellers
  PublicationLondon: Immel, 1996. 224p. ISBN 1898162107 pa.
  Description90 species or groups of marine invertebrates, 175 species of fishes; color photos. Each class or family is given a page of description and natural history, accompanied by photos and brief descriptions of 2-5 common species. Covers Red Sea, Seychelles, Comores, Mauritius, Maldives, Thailand, and the Philippines.
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  Record 7 of 6526
  AuthorGerlach, Justin.
  TitleThe Land Snails of the Seychelles: A Field Guide
  PublicationFlore, Weedon, England: J. Gerlach, 1987. 44p.
  Description65 species; color illustrations; lists of doubtful species. Includes description, habitat, distribution. Pamphlet.
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  Record 8 of 6526
  AuthorGlaw, Frank.
  TitleA Fieldguide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar: Including Mammals and Freshwater Fish
  Publication2nd ed. Cologne, Germany: M. Vences and F. Glaw Verlags, 1994. 480p. ISBN 3929449013 pa.
  Description570 reptiles and amphibians, 109 mammals and 100 fishes; keys; black and white and color photos; maps; sonagrams. Summary in English, German, and French. An all-in-one guide for the herpetologically-minded, this guide includes chapters on the ecology of Madagascar, including numerous photos of plants and birds, as well as the mammal and fish chapters.
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  Record 9 of 6526
  AuthorGreenberg, Idaz.
  TitleIndian Ocean Fishwatcher's Field Guide (Maldives, Seychelles)
  PublicationMiami: Seahawk, 1990. plastic card. $5.95. ISBN 0913008230.
  Description50 species of fishes and marine invertebrates; color illustrations; on plastic card.
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  Record 10 of 6526
  AuthorLe Berre, Michel.
  TitleFaune du Sahara
  PublicationParis: R. Chabaud, 1990. 359p. (Terres Africaines). ISBN 2877490173.
  Description35 fish, 15 amphibians, and 150 reptiles; keys; color illustrations; natural history. Common names in numerous local languages. In French.
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