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  Record 21 of 8228
  AuthorCapone, Stefania
  TitleA busca da Africa no candomblé: Tradição e poder no Brasil.
  PublisherContra Capa
  Publication placeRio de Janeiro
  Publication year2004
  NotesThe search for Africa in Candomblé is a significant shift and means of access to critical understanding of the depth of world history and "mixing" of the new social movements of belief and of the sacred.
  SubjectBlacks / Brazil / Religion / Candomble
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan. OCLC: 61852944

  Record 22 of 8228
  AuthorGibbons, Rawle
  TitleA Calypso Trilogy.
  PublisherIan Randle
  Publication placeKingston, Jamaica
  Publication year1999
  Notes"This drama trilogy shows the story of the Calypso art form over four decades of social and artistic change 1930-1970." (Publisher)
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan. OCLC: 42733918

  Record 23 of 8228
  AuthorThompson, Melseta Evadne
  TitleA Case Study in Labour Migration, Reluctant Settlers: Jamaicans in the West Midlands, 1948-1984.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1989
  NotesMigrant and laboring classes and its impact in Jamaican economy. Thesis (PhD) University of Warwick (United Kingdom), 1989.
  SubjectGreat Britain / Race relations / Emigration and immigration / Jamaica / Economic conditions
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan

  Record 24 of 8228
  AuthorBennett, Vesper Melody
  TitleA Case Study of the Management of, and Response to, the Change of West Indies College to Northern Caribbean University.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year2001
  NotesDiscusses planned change within higher education, resistance to change, methodology, interviews, administration of surveys, etc. Thesis (PhD) Bowling Green State University, 2001.
  SubjectCaribbean area / Jamaica / Education
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 3079285

  Record 25 of 8228
  AuthorMorrice, Ana Celeste
  TitleA Case Study of the Spanish Empire's Laws Impact on People of African Ancestry of Latin America and the Spanish Caribbean.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1999
  NotesConcludes that the self-conceptualization of people of African ancestry in Latin America was impacted by the Spanish Empire's laws, rules and regulations. Thesis (Ed. D., International and Multicultural Education) University of San Francisco, 1999.
  SubjectBlacks / Caribbean area / Race identity / Acculturation / Latin America / History
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 9953211

  Record 26 of 8228
  AuthorMcDougall, Russell John
  TitleA Casement, Triple-Arch'd. Cultural Kinetics: The Fusion of Magic, the Dance and the Word in African and Caribbean Culture.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1986
  NotesThesis (PhD) Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1986. This thesis examines the human body as a cultural icon in the work of two African writers: Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka.
  SubjectCaribbean area / Harris, Wilson / Guyana / Walcott, Derek / St Lucia / Soyinka, Wole / Achebe, Chinua / Nigeria / Literature
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT NL45001

  Record 27 of 8228
  AuthorDubois, Laurent
  TitleA Colony of Citizens: Revolution and Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1789-1802.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1998
  Notes"The author combines history, anthropology, and literary criticism in analyzing how, at the end of the 18th century Europe was transformed due to the slaves-turned citizens in the French Caribbean. Thesis (PhD) University of Michigan, 1998." (Publisher)
  SubjectCaribbean area / Guadeloupe / Anthropology / History
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 9840526

  Record 28 of 8228
  AuthorPlaisir, Jean Yves
  TitleA Community in Action: Literacy Activities of Haitian Students in an After-School Technology Program in New York City.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1999
  NotesThe researcher made recommendations for pedagogy as well as policy decisions stating that churches and the families should be tapped into as resources to help in designing curricula and programs. Thesis (PhD) Columbia University Teachers College, 1999.
  SubjectHaiti / Education / Sociology
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 9939537

  Record 29 of 8228
  AuthorSokol, Robert James
  TitleA Comparative Analysis of Selected Member Schools of the Association of Colombian-Caribbean Binational Schools and Selected Non-American Schools in the Same Cities.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1972
  NotesThe author examines the problems of administration in education. Thesis (PhD) The University of Alabama, 1972.
  SubjectCaribbean area / Education
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 7308057

  Record 30 of 8228
  AuthorBatie, Robert Carlyle
  TitleA Comparative Economic History of the Spanish, French, and English on the Caribbean Islands During the Seventeenth-Century.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1972
  NotesExamines the economic conditions of different groups that were settled in the Caribbean. Thesis (PhD) University of Washington, 1972.
  SubjectWest Indies / Caribbean area / History
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 7303674

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